About Us


Representing "the Sight and Sound of the Pacific," Slapp Radio is an independent media project based in Honolulu, Hawaii, providing a global platform to elevate the inside stories, issues, and music of the Pacific Islands through the lens of our People.

From FM broadcast and digital radio, visual podcast interviews, DJ music mix shows, lifestyle/music/bio videos, community events, and social media, audiences worldwide can tune in and hear it straight from the streets with Slapp Radio as we redefine Hawaii and the Pacific through our narrative as a People.


We are Slapp Radio, a team of volunteers of Kanaka Maoli, Samoan, and other various Pasifika heritages based in the Hawaiian Islands, with an extended community throughout Moana Nui and beyond. In a time when the streets are loudly speaking and bringing people together in the face of social injustice and racial inequality, while during a shelter-in-place mandate globally, life as we know it is rapidly changing. We have become a world of social distancing and virtual relationships. With these significant shifts, we realize that media plays one of the most critical roles in this current state of the world, and having trustworthy community-minded media outlets that genuinely represent the Voice of the People geographically is imperative in these times. "So sit back... and relax... because you're tuning in to Slapp Radio".

~Media is communication, and communication is the foundation of all human relations~